What is a home inspection?

A home is the largest single investment most people make in their life. Buying a home is an emotional, stressful and important decision. What repairs may be needed and what reasonable cost can you anticipate? Home Front can give you the answers.

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Our Services

Home Front Professional Home Inspections is dedicated to providing quality home and building inspection services including new home warranty inspections, pre-purchase home inspections for re-sale home buyers and home sellers.

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Thermal Imaging

During your inspection our Home Inspector will use an infrared camera to investigate suspected hidden moisture in your home with a specific focus on your basement, an area of concern for new home buyers regarding water leaks.

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Brad conducted a thorough inspection. He was friendly and professional, answering all of our questions. - K. Hergott

Solar Energy

Solar Panels on Roof

Anyone can install a rooftop solar system and benefit from investing in a renewable energy project. A solar generation project adds value to your home, income in your pocket and contributes to a greener environment. Ask us how you can invest in solar with Ontario’s MicroFit energy program.

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From The Blog

Having Kitec water piping will cost you

HAVING KITEC WATER PIPING WILL COST YOU Failures of Kitec polyethylene water piping has cost home owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements and some insurance companies will not insure homes with this water piping.  Defects in materials and design are causing premature failure in the piping and fittings.  The defective piping and fittings were sold...

Air Conditioner Spring Startup

We’ve already had a few days of hot weather and in no time you will want to start using your central air conditioner, the largest electricity load of a typical house.  The air conditioners compressor and condensing coil is located in the unit you see outside of your home. Before you consider using your air conditioner make sure you:...

“Must Know” Components of a Replacement Window

“MUST KNOW” COMPONENTS OF A WINDOW Like everything, windows have their own terminology and components you need to understand or at least be familiar with before you begin to investigate replacing your windows.  When you talk to window contractors and sales people they will throw around words to describe window components and choices of features that will affect the...

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