Engineering Services for Homeowners

Home Front Professional Home Inspections provides structural engineering Review and Design for residential homes as well as general civil engineering services.

We can help you submit building permits for decks, rooftop solar installation, basement renovations, retaining walls and conduct structural reviews for typical renovation projects such as those requiring design and layout of beams, column and footings.

There are many home projects that require the services of an engineer and we can assist you.

Some examples of the services we provide:

  • Overall Structural Inspection of homes (wood framing and foundation)
  • Structural review for Rooftop Solar PV installation
  • Structural Review of specific home inspector identified issues
  • Structural Review of Reinforced concrete basement walls and foundation issues
  • Design and layout of beams, column and footings for renovations
  • Design of Basement renovation including drawings for permit and construction
  • Engineering Review and design of retaining walls
  • Engineering Review and design of decks and railings 3D views of designs

Brad believes in quality engineering services for everyone that is why his company is insured with separate E & O engineering insurance. Brad Durant P.Eng has been a licensed professional engineer in Canada (Saskatchewan & B.C.) since 1991 and licensed in Ontario since 1999. Brad holds the Certificate of Authorization with the Professional Engineers of Ontario which enables him to provide engineering services to the public (


Example of a Retaining Wall Design and Drawing for Homeowner

Engineering Drawing of Basement Renovation

Example of a Basement Renovation Engineering Design and Drawing for Homeowner