Solar Panels on Roof

Rooftop Solar PV Course for Home Inspectors

With thousands of rooftop solar PV systems installed in Ontario since 2009 we are beginning to see these homes come up for sale. Home Inspectors will be asked to inspect homes with rooftop solar PV systems and you will want to know more about them to be able to answer questions from your clients and Realtors. This course will teach you about the rooftop PV system components, how they work and what to look for during an inspection. You will learn about the Ontario microFIT program and how transferring it’s ownership impacts the purchase of the property.

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Homeowners Guide to Rooftop Solar PV

Rooftop Solar PV systems have been installed on Canadian homes since the 1970’s but it is only within the last 6 years that you will have noticed the increase of rooftop solar PV systems in your own residential neighbourhood.

Before making the decision to install rooftop solar PV system on your own home you will want to know if is worthwhile both financially and environmentally. This guide will introduce you to rooftop solar PV systems in Ontario and help you with your research and purchasing decisions for your own solar system. Do your research and find out about Ontario’s programs, and what system is best for your home.

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