Anyone can install a rooftop solar system and benefit from investing in a renewable energy project. A solar generation project adds value to your home, income in your pocket and contributes to a greener environment. Ask us how you can invest in solar with Ontario’s MicroFit energy program.

The MicroFIT Program

Solar energy is a clean renewable energy source and in Canada we have lots of it. Ontario is a leader in renewable energy production supporting and investing in clean energy production.

The Ontario MicroFIT program allows any homeowner to run a renewable electricity generation project. Including you!

How it works:

Step 1: Apply and register your MicroFIT project, completing the engineering and permit process.

Step 2: Have your roof top solar project designed and installed.

Step 3: Connect your project to the local hydro grid and start earning your guaranteed revenue.

It can be that simple

Join thousands of Ontarians who are already benefiting from the MicroFIT program. FIT program.

Solar Energy for your home

Today’s technology allows you to harness the energy of the sun using rooftop solar panels. Any homeowner can have solar panels installed on your roof allowing you to sell the energy you generate back to your local hydro company … which means

  • it’s safe
  • it’s environmentally friendly
  • it’s an investment that will guarantee you revenue for 20 years

Smart investment

Your system is designed to maximize performance … which means

  • more solar energy
  • more energy entering the grid
  • more revenue being generated
  • faster return on your investment
  • maximize the revenue back to you

Safe and Reliable

Your system is designed with quality parts… which means

  • safe for you to own and for people accessing your roof
  • quality inverters and optimizers installed by a certified electrician
  • design is completed by a professional engineer
  • long term reliability with a 25 year limited warranty on system parts
  • your panels continue to produce energy even if one panel is obstructed
Roof Solar Panels

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Ask us how we can get you started earning an income with your solar panel roof installation.  When you work with me I will:

  1. Complete and submit all of your required application forms and permit requirements keeping your project on track and on time.
  2. Guide you in your finance options.
  3. Design and install a system which maximizes your energy production and potential revenue.
  4. Select your system components with safety and efficiency in mind.
  5. Install and connect your solar panels with your local power authority, setting up your account for you to receive your checks.
  6. Help you monitor your systems